Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Bill Clinton

I have never been a big Bill Clinton fan. I never voted for the guy, and his wife just about makes me wretch. Seriously, I've had to change my habit of watching the national news during dinner, because when she appears, my appetite vacates the premises.

Having said that, when the guy comes through and does something good, I gotta give him props. He went to North Korea and managed to negotiate the freedom of two Americans being held for allegedly wandering into North Korean territory. That's pretty amazing, and well beyond what I thought him capable of. I was wrong. (Got that Jess? I'm admitting I was wrong about a liberal. Mark it down on the calendar :).)

I won't go into my opinion of irresponsible journalists, hikers, random idiots, who know the consequences and still choose to risk their well being, getting themselves in nasty predicaments in hostile countries and then expect their country to bail them out (too much). That's a different issue.

This though, was pretty cool. Good job Mr. Clinton!



Blogger JessieE said...

Thanks for the shoutout. I laughed out loud.

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