Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Obamanomics. Didn't work then. Doesn't work now. Will kick in...when?

OK, I'm frustrated.

I'm frustrated by a President who keeps saying he can fix the economy, but hasn't.  I'm frustrated with a President who says, "I'm doing everything I can and it's not my fault.  It's Bush's fault.  It's the Republicans' fault.  It's all someone elses fault."  I'm sorry, but after three and a half years of it being your show, it is your fault.  If you've been "doing everything I can" for three and a half years and the result is nothing, you need to change "everything I can", because....it's not working.

I don't know if Romney's a better answer.  All I know is you aren't one at all.  Please, don't give me this "the Republicans have my hands tied" crap.  If that's the case, explain health care.  You got that passed and not a single republican managed to stop you, and they tried...hard.  I have neighbors in forclosure.  I have one that has twins in their early twenties.  Both moved out and had decent jobs.  Now their both living back at home, one with her husband, because they're unemployed..but on the good side, they've got health care. For dinner tonight, they're having health care...medium rare.  Others are jobless and homeless, but they've got a health care over their heads.  Thank God for that!  The buzz word now is "insourcing".  Where's that been the last three and a half years?  Is that something new we made up because we want to attack Romney, painting him as someone who will do more "outsourcing"?  If it's not new, how's that been working?  I'm looking for results, and I'm not seeing a whole lot.

My issue is when you're arrogant enough to think you're doing it all right, and it's always someone elses fault, but it isn't working, you don't see a reason to change.  Everyone else needs to change.  You, after all, have all the answers.  After three and a half years of not getting better and you're the head guy, I think it's time to reassess.  The worst is...I think he might get another 4 years. That's another 4 years of ineffectiveness and excuses, and staying right where we are economically.  Economists are saying the economy will still be in the tank until 2016.  Is that because they're predicting another 4 years of Obama?  I'll be needing lots of that health care crap.



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