Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Penn State - haters gonna hate

Watching the news tonight, I listened to some woman comment about removing the Joe Paterno statue at Penn State, and she said, "They're letting the haters make all the decisions."

Let me help with that. I spent some of my youth (about 10 years) in Pennsylvania, but I never grew to love or hate Penn State. I really just never cared much either way. I admired what Joe Paterno stood for, or what I thought he stood for, but that's about it. I don't hate Penn State. Nor do I have a love that blinds reason. I DO hate child abuse. I hate an attitude that knew it was happening and kept silent about it for fear it may stain a school's reputation. I hate that this was allowed to continue, day after day, year after year in silence, by a man who prided himself on football player graduation rates and contributions to a school. I don't hate the school. I don't hate the man. I hate what he did. I hate that he ruined his reputation, because America needs heroes, and he could have been one. He's not. It wasn't one decision. He made that same decision every damn day, and allowed it to continue every damn day. I hate that. If that makes me a hater, then OK. The haters NEED to be making the decisions.



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