Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Obamacare - there has to be a better way

"Seeking to regroup from his health care law's disastrous rollout, President Barack Obama on Tuesday insisted that the sweeping overhaul is working and warned Republican critics that he would fight any efforts to strip away its protections."

"Protections."  That's what he's calling it.  While most of the news stories involving the great lie that went "If you like your health care, you can keep it." concentrate on those who lost their coverage because it didn't measure up to what the government thinks we all need, my personal case is just the opposite.

There's this nifty thing in the Affordable Care Act called the Cadillac Excise Tax.  It says, if your employer offers you what they deem is a Cadillac policy, the government is going to tax them for 40% of the value of the plan.  What that means is, if your employer offers a plan that Obama thinks is too good for you, that's not fair to everyone else.  To stop that, he's going to penalize them for that and make them pay this tax.  We didn't know anything about this tax until the wife's employer, which happens to be a hospital, informed their employees that the plan they had was one considered too good for Americans, and they were being forced to cease and desist.  Well, that's not entirely true.  They were ordered to stop allowing the plan or be taxed at such a rate that making that plan viable anymore wasn't an affordable option.  The result of all this is we now get to pay more for less coverage.  Yes, Nancy Pelosi, I'm so gald you passed it so we could find out this piece of crap was in it.

Next it'll be, you make more money than we think you need, so we're going to tax you more so we lower that bar.  Hello Karl Marx and "From each according to their ability.  To each according to their need."  We saw in the old Soviet Union how that works.  If you don't give people some incentive to excel, they don't.

We never realized our health care plan was all that.  We did know the wife's plan was better than mine, which is why we always use hers.  We just chalked it up to the fact that a hospital was offering it, like I get other perqs for my job, better health care would make sense to be one of hers.

Instead, we're finding out it's a "Cadillac" plan, so we can't have it anymore.  The bad news - our health care budget just got "Obamacare"d.  The good news - if I get pregnant, I'm covered now, where I wasn't before.

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