Friday, September 09, 2005

what they think they say, and what they say

Note: We own a Camry, and this observation relates to my opinion of Camry owners in no way, shape or form. It does, however, speak to advertising people, and who approves those ideas anyway?

Watching the news while getting ready for work this morning, I saw a commercial for the Toyota Camry. It shows a department store full of people and an announcement comes over the P.A. system.

"May I have your attention please. There is a Toyota Camry parked in the tow away zone."

The store empties out.

The implication, I think, is supposed to be that all those people drive Camrys, and it's a very popular car so you, too, should drive a Camry. That's not what it says to me.

What I got from it is, there are that many Camry drivers stupid enough to park in a tow away zone, or think they might have parked in a tow away zone. Do they not understand the concept of a parking lot? If they're stupid enough to park in the tow away zone (or forget that they really parked in the parking lot), how smart can they be in their choice of car? I guess really stupid people drive Camrys.


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