Tuesday, September 20, 2005

livin' in the golf world

I am employed by a company whose business revolves around golf. When I started working here, the closest I came to actually playing golf was squadron beer golf outings in the Navy, and computer game golf. I knew the concept, but had never played the game with the objective of keeping score.

It's amazing to me how your employment can change people's perception of you. Yes, I started playing the game once I started working here, but that doesn't mean I became a fanatic. Before that day, nobody so much as mentioned that four letter word around me. All of a sudden, any gift I was given took on a golf motif, and this is from people who know me. I now own a coffee cup shaped like a golf ball. It's round, white, with dimples and a small circle cut out of the top. The strange thing is that it really is round (and if it was half a golf ball, might work, but it's more like 3/4 to 4/5 of a golf ball), and to try to drink out of it, you'd have to turn it almost completely upside down and spill most of the contents all over yourself. Maybe it was supposed to be a cruel joke. I own a door mat that says "A golfer and a normal person live here." I'm waiting for the golfer to move in. Actually, I'm waiting for the normal person to move in, too.

What's prompting this entry is we hired a contract programmer to work for the next two or three months, and I get to "supervise" him. He also happens to be a golf nut, and he's full of questions about the game. I, it seems, am supposed to be the golf trivia wizard. Granted, I know the answers to some of his questions, but some are just bizarre. "John, do you know what the Callaway system of handicapping is? Supposedly there's this quick and dirty way of figuring out your handicap based on one or two rounds of golf. Ever hear of it?" Oh I suppose I could come up with something on the fly just to have fun with him, but no, I'm not the world's resource for golf minutea. Maybe we should invest in a copy of Golf for Dummies.

p.s. We did the google search thing and found this bizarre handicapping thing, so I know now. What good it is, is still beyond me.


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