Monday, September 19, 2005

paper or plastic

I watched the entire Jags/Colts game. I only say that because I feel like I deserve some kind of award. It wasn't an easy game to watch. Our defense did an incredible job on Peyton Manning, but the other side of the ball was terrible. Someone replaced what used to be our offensive line with some very effective turnstiles. Ephriam Salaam and Chris Naeole needed to be asking Freeny and Reagor if they wanted paper or plastic, because the sacks were coming, and in bunches. People are screaming that Byron Leftwich played a bad game, but Leftwich never had a chance. People are upset at the game plan because Matt Jones wasn't used more, but again, there wasn't time to get him the ball. People are upset at Chad Owens for muffing punts, and they should be. The rookie needs some work, but the offensive line needs to get on one page so they aren't so...well...offensive.

The rest of the weekend was baseball in some way shape or form. The Suns won the Southern League Championship (whooo hoooo!) and little league continues on.


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