Monday, March 29, 2010

The President addresses the troops

BREAKING NEWS... President Obama has made a surprise visit to Afghanistan... Still waiting for Joe Biden to clarify how big a deal this is, and Sarah Palin to find a reason to denounce it...

I swear, BOTH sides continually find a way to make me wish there were more options.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My government's taking care of me!

Wooo Hoooo! We just passed the "everybody gets health care" bill and Obama's celebrating with his allies. I want to get in on the party. Here, Barak. Here's five bucks. Have a cigrarette...on me.


Friday, March 05, 2010

another month - just more stuff

It's got to be about the coldest winter in general that I've experienced in Florida. It's March, and there was frost on my car this morning. Usually I see frost...maybe twice a winter. This year is the first one where I actually thought about buying an ice scraper, but I'd have to travel too far north just to find one in a store. Global warming - go figure.

You know your kids are growing up too fast when...Valentines Day, the wife and I went to visit friends in the afternoon for a few hours. When we came home, apparently before the youngster and his 'company' expected us, we interrupted something. Not the youngster...but two of his friends (boyfriend and girlfriend) who asked him if they could use our guest room to lose their virginity on Valentines Day. The youngster, being quite the host, agreed to help them out, expecting us to be gone most of the day. Oooops! It made for a fun evening, talking to parents that I've met, but don't really know. Redefining TMI talking to the girl's mom ("This is a girl who won't even use a tampon."), and later finding out from the youngster that we got home before they actually had a chance to do major production, kids in trouble, and they didn't even get to do what they were in trouble for.

Tiger day at work - Tiger made his big "I'm sorry" speech less than 500 yards from where I sit at work. Honestly though, it all mattered to me personally very little. They made us park about a half a mile away and there were security people all over the place. Had to talk my way past one of them as I walked from my car to work. Apparently I was taking a short cut that they hadn't anticipated. I was told I couldn't be where I was, which made no sense, because I was. That was followed by the 'what do we do now' conundrum. I pointed to the building I was walking to, and assurred the person that they could watch me walk the whole way there. I had a photo ID, so it was apparent I kinda belonged there, so I was allowed to keep walking. The place was pretty much deserted though, because they let next to nobody through. You could hear a pin drop in the parking lot. It was surreal. By 1:00 the whole thing was over, but still the parking lot was empty. It was just strange. Throughout, the only noise came from a helicopter circling. My assumption - tabloid press.

I've had an on again/off again cold all winter. Couple that with the chilly weather and my workout regimen has suffered greatly. Now that I'm feeling healthy and it's getting just a tiny bit warmer and I'm exercising again...sometimes...I'm the one suffering.