Tuesday, May 04, 2010

the bike has arrived

It still has a few tweaks coming. I wanted black handlebar tape, because white just shows dirt way too easily, but they said they'd have to charge extra for that, since it already came white. Since I figured I'd replace it eventually when I wore it out, I decided just to keep the white and when it comes time to replace it, I'd get it done in black.

Then I got fitted, and it turns out the handlebars are too narrow for me, and they have to get wider ones for me (it's part of the bike buying deal at a real bike shop). Since they have to strip the tape to replace the handlebars, they're going to do it in black when they put the new ones on...no charge to me! So in the end, it'll all work out.

The wife remarked that it looks really nice with white handlebars, which is true, but it won't look so nice when they're a dingy gray in a few months, so black it is.