Friday, January 21, 2011

just stuff

I'm an uncle again, but have been longer than any of us knew.

Back in my Navy days, I spent time in Pensacola as a flight instructor. My brother graduated form college and was still languishing in the same job he did during summer breaks, because he could make more cash unloading beer trucks than he could as an accountant fresh out of college. I asked him to come visit and if he liked it, find a job. He did, and he did.

The jobs took him from Pensacola to Fort Walton on the Florida gulf coast, and then to Dothan Alabama, where he ran into a girl he knew in Pensacola. She was divorced with 2 kids, and he spent time with them at the park and ended up in a semi-relationship. Then he got a promotion that moved him to New in city. She decided to move back to Pensacola and lived with her old boyfriend. Well long story shorter, she was pregnant with my brother's daughter, but told him it wasn't his.

Her daughter caught up with mt brother and said she was doing the math and thought my brother did the DNA test thing, and now they're getting to know each other. She's 23 now, married to a Navy guy in Afghanistan with a little boy of her own. So basically in one day, my brother found out that he has a daughter he didn't know about and that he's a grandfather. She seems like a really nice girl and nobody's havig a cow over the whole thing. My dad, in typical my dad fashion, upon hearing the news, came out with, "How'd that happen?"

Ummmm...well dad, when a boy and girl really like each other and.....

I've been neglecting the gym, partially because it's been pretty darn cold and I don't want to get out at night and go there (ie. wimpy laziness) and partially because in early January, all the New Years resolutions are out there, keeping their promise to themselves. By now, though, most have broken that promise and the gym is a lot less crowded. I went Tuesday and told myself I'd start back on my Tuesday/Thursday routine, but after doing it Tuesday, I'm still walking slow. My calves are still sore. Yes, I probbaly should have gone anyway, and worked through it, but we had a few other thing come up last night that made it easy to put off until next week. I'm going to get back there though. This slug-fest has to stop.