Monday, April 09, 2012

and the beat goes on

The world as I know it is changing...rapidly, and pretty much all of it has to do with the youngster.

His seasonal job disappeared with the Christmas season.  We hoped it wouldn't, but so it goes.  In the end, that part may be for the better.  He was unemployed for a few months, but now has two part time jobs.  They're both in essentially the same place, but different areas of the same place.  They aren't supposed to have people working in both.  They told him he had to choose.  One job requires very little effort, but also has less hours to offer.  The other requires him actually doing work, and offers more opportunity to make money.  He was weighing his options when they decided to make an exception for him and let him do both.  Since his old employer has been in the news for financial difficulties and shutting down stores, he may be in a better place now.

The bigger, well, adjustment, is his love life.  He has a girlfriend now.  She's in college, but not the same one he's enrolled in.  She's a year older than him and lives in an apartment with 2 roommmates.  Well, you can imagine where the youngster spends the vast majority of his time.  I can't fault him for that.  If I was him, I'd be doing the same.  If he had gone away to college, he'd be doing the same thing.  I'd just be more blissfully ignorant about it all.  Up until this weekend though, he always got back home to go to sleep, or spent the night at a friend's house....a male friend's house.  This weekend though, we finally crossed that elephant in the room boundary.

She lives closer to his place of employment than we do, and he was working Saturday, and very early on Sunday.  He thought it'd be much more convenient if he just spent the night at her place.  He'd get more rest that way.  Uhhhhh, yeah right.  What do we say though?  He's old enough to move out if he choses to.  Again, if he had gone away to school, he'd be doing the same thing.  We just wouldn't know.  So I just tell him to be careful.  Make sure they're being smart about whatever they might be doing.  As for the extra rest part, he came home from work yesterday, ate dinner, and declared he was tired and going to 8:00.

It's not really that I want to stop him.  I'm not sure what I want.  It's all part of growing up, but I guess he's just doing that too fast for my liking. It's just strange, seeing the kid I was watching cartoons with yesterday, being somewhat open about the fact that he and his girlfriend are horizontally engaged..