Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I've had the opportunity to deal with/in craigslist lately ( for the uninitiated). We bought the youngster's car there last fall, and recently, we sold his old bike there.

It works, but what struck me is the complete lack of consideration. People don't really know you, so they take it upon themselves to treat you like you don't matter.

I'd get e-mails on the youngster's bike, asking when someone could see it. We'd agree on a time show. No show. No call. No e-mail. No nothing. I e-mailed one guy back and asked why. He bought a different bike. Well, OK, but would it be too much trouble to say something, so we aren't sitting around the house waiting on your ass?

If it happened once, I wouldn't whine too much, but this became a pattern. I had a bunch of people tell me they were incredibly interested, and asked when they could see it. The first six people who expressed an interest and set a time to see it never showed. The last guy who was 'very interested' wanted to see it right in a half hour. I said OK, and told the wife. We both kind of smirked and wondered if he'd actually come. He did and he bought it.

Same thing happened when we bought the youngster's car. We set a time to look at one car. We were driving there at about 7:30 in the evening, and the wife called ahead to get more specific directions as we approached the seller's development. He sold the car that afternoon. Again, do you think you could have called us and saved us the trouble of road trippin' to your house to see a car that's no longer there?

So my lesson for the day...craigslist - yes, it works. you can buy and sell stuff there. There are deals to be had if you shop there. Just be prepared to be treated like shit along the way.