Thursday, February 23, 2012

What a Croc

There are some very polarizing topics out there.  Some I get.  I understand abortion is a polarizing issue.  I believe we're killing kids, and no matter how many 'yeah, but's you put on that, it's still murder and it's wrong.  Other people see it completely different and we're not changing each other's minds.

Some I don't get.  The first is the popular sports topic of the 2011 NFL season, Timmy Tebow.  It seems everyone either loves or hates, or hates and actively mocks the guy.  I'm fairly apathetic.  I like him.  I think he's a good guy and a great role model for kids.  He's got a great competitive attitude and is a pretty humble man.  He's certainly no diva, which we see way too much of in professional sports.  As an NFL quarterback, I don't think he's all that good, but sure, he could get better.  I suppose he could be very good.  I was relieved when the Jaguars didn't take him in the draft, despite a ton of pressure from the local fan base, because he's a local kid.  I think there are better quarterbacks out there to be had.  Gator fans are STILL upset that we didn't draft him, and would love to see the Jaguars trade whatever it takes to get him here.  Then there's the haters.  A lot of that comes from his very open Christianity.  It's very genuine (as opposed to an act), but a lot of people are put off by it.  Others think he got handed a starting job he didn't deserve because of hype, but once he had the job, his team started winning - granted, with a bit of luck, but it happened.  I don't get either extreme.

The next I don't get is crocs.  They are those plastic shoes with the holes in them.  I own a pair.  They don't get seen a lot, because I don't wear them often.  About the only time I do is when I'm home and barefoot, and I need to go outside for a minute, like to walk the dog.  Instead of getting some shoes and socks, I'll slip those things on, walk the dog  and take 'em off.  I don't think they're all that comfortable, like some proponents say.  They're convenient, like flip flops but with less flipping and flopping and slapping and all that mess.  I don't wear them out in public, like to a store, restaurant, or church, but I see them there, and just sorta shrug.  Not for me, but, OK..  On the other hand, I can't see the side that says, they're never OK, andd how can people think they are?  What surprises me is that I hear that a lot, and in a very passionate way.  Who really cares?