Thursday, May 02, 2013

lead, follow, or get out of the way

This post comes out of my frustration with the White House on several levels.

We'll start with the health care panecea.  The wife works in health care, and at the moment, I feel a bit lucky to still be able to say that.  The hospital she works for recently went through what it supposedly the first wave of job evaluations, stemming from their evaluation of what Obamacare means to them financially.  I have heard people say that Obamacare means more jobs in the health care industry because more people will have access to it.  Well, I'm here to tell you, where the rubber meets the road, that's not happening.  This hospital, one of three in the country in an organization named after a food on the condiment aisle at your local grocer, has determined that they can't afford Obamacare as they have analyzed it, and jobs have to be cut.  They released several employees and gave others the option of finding another job in the organization in the next 6 months.  If they are unsuccessful, they too will be gone.  Some were allowed to keep their job and absorb the workload.  If that can be called lucky, the wife is.  She's hopelessly behind though, because she was already busy and now gets to absorb the work of two others that were let go.  She's now looking for something else, because of her frustration in being unable to keep up with everything expected of her.  The best part - that's only the first wave of cuts.  More are coming.  Oh, but everyone has the right to quality health care.  Sure they do.  The question is, what country are we going to have to travel to, to find it?

Next, and bigger, is the absolute lack of leadership being displayed by this president, especially with the whole sequestration deal.  I get that you're liberal and have an agenda, but that isn't my beef.  It's the gridlock.  Sequestration was designed (by the president, I might add) to be so insanely terrible that nobody in their right mind would actually let it happen.  Yet, here we are.  You have idiots on both sides of the aisle in government that are sitting on their asses and not budging on their positions.  The president is supposed to DO something about that, and doing something doesn't consist of joining the idiots on one side or the other and complaining that he can't do anything because the other side won't help.  We have plenty of idiots in congress for that.  He can't be one of them.  He has to find some compromise position that works.  I'm so tired of the 'I can't because they won't..." excuse.  If you can't, why did you ask for the job?  TWICE??  Let someone in there who can, or at the very least, if you're admitting failure, let someone else try.  Heck, let Joe try.  I'd even be willing to let Hillary give it a shot.  I may not like everything that gets done, but maybe something more than excuses will come out of Washington.  Someone has to be able to lock the idiots in a room and work with both sides to come up with something workable, and NOT sit with the idiots on one side and say THEY won't budge.  If you're president, there is no THEY in your government.  You don't get that luxury.  You own it.  All of it.  None of the idiots are a THEY.  They're all part of WE, and WE need to get things done.  Your JOB is to make that happen.  Please start doing it.